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Anguilla Cays, NA-219 – The Trip

I thought I’d add a few notes on the trip to the Anguilla Cays – I have a few more pictures and video that might be interesting for anyone considering a visit or a similar trip.

We left from Long Island in the Bahamas on a 42ft sailing catamaran.  The trip took about 40 hours and we arrived on the Cay Sal Banks at dawn on Sunday.

It got a bit rough – in fact it was rough for most of the way.


When we arrived, I managed find a place to anchor the boat safely and went to the beach! Naturally, I was in a bit of a rush to get going but I shot this video of the station and a booming MI station.


In general, the videos were rubbish! Sorry! I was pretty tired after the trip.

I forgot to take (or apply) insect repellent. So there I am sitting on the beach and I was visited by my very own cloud of flies that settled all over me!  Believe me there is lettle more distracting than running a pileup watching a pair of flies fornicating on your knee! (Note to self: if you haven’t had a shower in a few days – better get insect repellent).

Anyway, they disappeared after a while but not before I’d swallowed one!

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful if very uncomfortable. The boat never stopped rolling and I could only nap for about 20 minutes at a time since we would get a particularly violent ‘rock’ at about that frequency.

I was well supported by Julie, YL, who kept me supplied in food and drink and she stood her watches on the way and on the way back across the Florida current (Gulf Stream) to Florida (another 26 hours).

It was an interesting trip overall and I’d like to go back in a couple of years – hopefully in better weather and for a longer time.


4 Crosses…

I took this photo on the way back. Its taken about 1/4 mile north of the QTH. There are 4 rough driftwood crosses on the hill (about 1/4 way from the left on the photo). I assume that these were placed by the Bahamas Defence Force back in 2014. I’ll let you read the gory details here.


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