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NA-219, Anguilla Cays, QRT


I was active from the Anguilla Cays, NA-219 on Sunday morning (21/2/16) from 1518z – 1733 on 15m only. The 2nd session was on 22/02 at 1349-1427 when the noise defeated me and then the antenna got blown over (again). (Winds were up to 31kts). Session 3 was the same day from 1737-1910z on 17m.
The QTH was the small beach to the north- west of the blue spot on the satellite photo.

Here are some videos of the QTH and station.

My apologies for the poor commentary – I was very tired after the 40 hour trip to get there.

In all I made only some 450 QSOs over the 3 sessions. My time on these islands was necessarily short – if you have been following previous posts then you’ll know that the weather was not playing ball at all. Indeed, we made it back to Florida only 8 hours before strong northerly winds set in – for at least 5 days.

The station was a K3, barefoot to a vertical on the beach as you’ve seen. Very simple but with a good enough performance to work 5B4AHJ long path. It was nice also to realise that apart from being able to work many friends who made it through the pileup I also logger W5BOS who first activated this group from the Dog Rocks back in 2000.

I’ll talk more about the journey and logistics in another post but in the mean time, thank you for creating a huge pileup when I was QRV – It was a lot of fun and I’m sorry it was not possible to stay longer but the weather was just awful and on the limits of being safe. That meant that I was only taking 20 minute naps for most of the journey there and during our time at anchor.



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