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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday, the weather forecast for our time at Cay Sal was dire and I really wasn’t looking forward to it much. There was a 54 hour sail in winds of 25-30 kts followed by a continuous wind of about 15-20 kt at Cay Sal itself. And then there was the short operating time because of the ‘significant weather event’ – that’s weatherman speak for bad – and all the uncertainty that brings.

Here’s the forecast for the same period as the chart I posted yesterday. It’s a lot better but in the background, the forecast models are not in good agreement yet. So I have decided to delay departure until Saturday, with 2 days or so en-route and hoping to arrive on Monday morning. If the forecast remains good, then I’ll stay as long as possible so it may give us up to 3 days of operating 😀. There is a risk of squalls and thunderstorms that come with the remains of the ‘event’ but we will have to deal with that as and when. What it might mean is suddenly going QRT and not coming back if the anchorage is untenable – just saying.

Apologies for the delays but I’m making decisions that will give us the best chance of getting some good operating from Cay Sal – and it’s got to be safe. 

By the way, it would seem that this is only the 3rd time that the Group has been activated and the first time from Cay Sal! The first activation was from the Dog Rocks (according to the RSGB IOTA site) in 2000 and the 2nd was in 2007 from Elbow Cay where there is an abandoned lighthouse. So it seems that this will be the first time that Cay Sal itself will have been activated.

Anyway, the news is much more positive today so I’ll leave you with that encouraging news and wish you 73 for now.


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