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Cay Sal – NA-219 – Whats it Like There?

There are very few visitors to Cay Sal and I can’t find any record of any legal ones that were very helpful in planning my trip. Here is one that at least gives an account of what to expect. Cay Sal – Bluejacket 

It’s a slightly inconvenient place to activate from an IOTA perspective. To qualify for DXCC or IOTA you have to be in the country legally. Happily, we are but that’s one of the reasons this place is hard to activate – the nearest place to clear customs and immigration is in Bimini – 135 NM away.

Well, I suppose that’s not quite true. There are a few places on Andros that you could check-in but then you have to sail all the way around the island unless you have a mega-budget and can be landed by helicopter. If you could jump into a powerboat in the Florida Keys and just drive across the Gulf Stream then I suspect this island would be activated much more often. If you were to charter a boat in the Keys, it might be a good 300 NM trip just to get to the island legally. That’s a pretty expensive trip (by my standards anyway).

So there’s a little background – I need to put it up here on the blog anyway since I have to submit it to Roger, G3KMa, the IOTA manager – I promised to try and take some similar pictures so he would know I was really there 😀. 


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