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Cay Sal – NA-219

It looks like activating the Cay Sal group is on. I’ve engaged a weather forecaster/weather router who is assisting me with forecasts over SSB to aid decision-making while I don’t have Internet access. At the moment, the weather looks favourable for a trip leaving Georgetown, Bahamas on Tuesday 16th. It’s about 240 nautical miles to the Anguilla Cays so we should be there by first light on Thursday. The wind is due to strengthen from the north east so I’m hoping the anchorage we have been recommended is tenable. 

If all is well, I will scout around for a place to land and operate from. I’m told there may be a small beach and that the rest of the cays are rough rock and scrub vegetation. ( I have this thought in my mind that if the beach we’ve been told about is the only one it might also be the site of this – Anguilla Cays Murders).

If the forecast holds I may be active on Thursday however, if things change and I decide to go the extra 50 NM to Cay Sal itself, it might be Friday. The forecast for the weekend is good so I will try to be QRV as much as I can but bearing in mind that there is bound to be a cold font come from the north sometime that will make the banks untenable.

Expect me on 20m or higher and as close to the IOTA frequencies as I can get. The propagation forecast is not great and I am very unlikely to operate at night due difficulty and safety of landing.

I’ll update here again as I leave if there is time, otherwise Charles, M0OXO will update as required.

73 and see you on the air…



  1. Andy UT5URW says:

    GL John, waiting here for activity…

  2. Andy UT5URW says:

    John! Hope for attention to eastern part of EU, it is not easy to break western EU pile-up. It is very small time window here on higher bands. In case of not very good propagation and weak signal, please some digi operation.

    • admin says:

      I will use 15/17m so as to give Europe the best chance (according to VOACAP) for as long as it works. If propagation is poor then on the last day I will try to do RTTY for a while but it shortens my operating time due to the batteries.

  3. Have a save trip and good luck! 73 de Daniel DL5YWM (Op. @ C6ARI Cay Sal Bank 2007) Video:

    • admin says:

      Thanks Daniel. I think you were the last to activate Cay Sal and quite a trip it was! Thanks for the video. Maybe I will have a short one if we get there!

      Unfortunately the weather has changed a bit so we may have to delay a few days – will keep updating here.

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