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The C6 Survey

A while back I was wondering which bands I should be active on in C6. In previous years, near the top of the solar cycle I just took out a vertical on a high band and invariably there would be lots of callers. Well it’s not so easy now so I thought a little survey might be useful. 

I said I would leave it open till the end of the year but since its 2am and I’ve got jet-lag I thought I’d take a look at the results. So here they are.


NA-054 – Berry Islands Group


NA-054 – Bimini Group


NA-001 Great Bahamas Bank Group


NA-113 – South Bahamas Gp


NA-080 – Little Bahamas Bank


NA-219 – Cay Sal

I haven’t finished analysing the results but there are a few surprises for me – not least of which is the number of people that want SSB on 30m! 😀 (I wasn’t able to design a survey that excluded that).

I have to recognise that this is a very small sample but there are at least a few bands and modes that don’t need covering. Moreover, it’s looks like I have plenty of choice depending on band conditions.


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