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The C6 Survey

The bands were pretty flat last night and it got me thinking about what I was going to do if the same was to happen in C6 this winter.


NA-113 Acklins Island

For those reading this blog for the first time, I have the privilege of visiting the Bahamas each winter and I get to do quite a bit of radio when I’m there.  I’m aiming to activate as many of the IOTA groups as I can – NA-001, NA-054, NA-048, NA-113 and maybe NA-080.

We travel by boat so the weather has a big influence on where we go and how long we stay so there’s no certainty about anything.

This year brings even more uncertainty – for those of you that follow the weather, you’ll know that Hurricane Joaquin hit the ‘Family Islands’ of the Bahamas very hard this month (September 2015). You can read of the damage here.

Picture Courtesy KTBS

Crooked Islanders (just south of the eye) have been evacuated to Nassau.  Many islands are devastated.

So, in short, we might end up doing more ‘helping out’ than radio this year – we will have to see.

Either way, the QTH above – near Spring Point on Acklins Island, I can pretty much guarantee, will not be there.  Its a real shame since the islanders had invested thousands of dollars in putting in shelters, power, toilets and sun shades in the ‘Regatta’ park here. The work was almost complete when we visited in the spring of 2015.

So it occurred to me that I should really find out the bands and modes that people want (or need) to work C6 or the IOTA groups on. That way I can at least know what to aim at.  A one-man DXPedition is limited by what I can prepare, carry, and assemble on a beach with a 15-20 kt wind blowing. So I thought I’d put together a quick survey.

Its done with SurveyMonkey – a free tool – I’ll leave it running till the end of 2015 to give me an idea what the most popular bands and modes might be.  No guarantees – but something to aim for.

BTW – I know I could use some other analysis tools but I’d like to test a current audience to see what is required. For example, chatting with George (@M1GEO), I had no idea that he still needed some countries to get to 100 on LOTW – I was pleased to help him out with that from 9H. So there are probably a few more of you that have band or mode slots to fill – here’s you’re chance to vote.  BTW – I’ve divided it up by IOTA group – if you don’t ‘do’ IOTA and just need a QSO from anywhere in C6 – just fill in the first page.

C6 Band/Mode Survey – C6ATS


Thanks and 73!


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  1. […] C6ATS —> John, 9H5G (C6ATS) will be returning to the Bahamas next  winter, and is conducting a survey “to find out the  bands  and  modes  that  people want (or need) to work C6 or the IOTA groups on. That way  I  can  at  least know what to aim at”: […]

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