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Comments on Hitched to a Ham

The text of my email to the RSGB’s managing editor on the article in August Radcom ‘Nuff said!


It’s introduced as being on the ‘lighter side’. To be quite honest this monotonous dirge whilst attempting to lighten the tone fails miserably. I really fail to see why it was published at all unless Radcom is to be turned into a more populist magazine and this article was meant to start a trend towards having an Agony Aunt column. However, if that was the aim, you failed again – neither the style nor the moaning content would attract the reader.

As for the writer’s aspiration to be mentioned on ‘Have I got News for You’ – well, I’ve got news for her.

I’m not going to waste my time by dissecting this drivel and giving a blow by blow account of how aged and inappropriate that many of the comments made are – I have better things to do and the quality of the ‘article’ does not deserve it.

Please consider your readers before ever publishing such an article again. 


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