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A New Addition

FullSizeRender (1)I used to be able to use a simple dipole and a vertical on the roof of my QTH here in Gozo however, last year someone decided to block the takeoff to the north and northwest with a block of flats ūüė¶

So clearly some action was needed on the antenna front! I had been looking at what might fit the bill and eventually chose the 9H5DX Hexbeam since it is built to withstand local conditions. Here in Gozo, the sun is extremely strong much of the year and the spreaders of the hexbeam need to be protected from ultraviolet light otherwise the fibreglass deteriorates. Mike paints the spreaders with several coats of good paint.  The other weather feature of life here is the wind.  In the summer, Force 7 gales come along every other week, it seems and since we live on top of a hill, the wind can be even higher than forecast so a robust antenna is essential. Mike (9H5DX) leaves his antenna up all winter when the winds can be really extreme but the antenna survives.

20150621_15204420150622_095056So I ordered the antenna from Mike and collected it last week. It goes together very quickly and everything fitted really well.Even although I was assembling it on the top of the roof in confined spaces, it was really quite easy and I don’t think I spent more than an hour including moving everything up to the roof.

The hardest part was waiting for the wind to drop so I could mount the antenna on the end of the 2in pole!

Eventually it did drop enough and up she went, coax connected and it was time to go downstairs and measure the result.

9H5DX Hexbeam - 20m 26-Jun-15 020746 PM.bmp  9H5DX Hexbeam - 17m 26-Jun-15 021001 PM.bmp9H5DX Hexbeam - 15m 26-Jun-15 020854 PM.bmp9H5DX Hexbeam - 12m 26-Jun-15 021110 PM.bmp9H5DX Hexbeam 10m 26-Jun-15 021250 PM.bmp   9H5DX Hexbeam 6m 26-Jun-15 021355 PM.bmp

Not at all. ¬†A bit of tweaking on 6m maybe but that’s all.

Nice antenna Mike – thanks!



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