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Vessels In Distress

We didn’t make it out yet this morning. We’ve had a listening watch and been helping coordinate the recovery of a small fishing boat. Here in the Bahamas, small boats with only a single outboard travel great distances and sometimes things go wrong. In this instance, he said he blew a cylinder on Friday (yesterday) and had been drifting all night without food or water. He was outside cell phone range but someone answered his call and we eventually got a position from him and passed it to the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue for action. 

Happily, some hours later, he managed to get the engine running again albeit slowly and began heading somewhere. I say somewhere since it was not possible to find out where since he could no longer hear us. 

Another incident, potentially more serious occurred on Wednesday night. We were on a maritime net when a new boat came up and asked for assistance in contacting another boat. This boat was out in the Atlantic and had lost power to his Diesel engine and was unable to restart it. Happily he had a Ham call (DL) and was able to make use of the Maritime Mobile Net to keep people informed as to his situation and to get advice and help.

There are an amazing number of hams out there who contribute in one way or another to the safety and wellbeing of their communities and much further abroad. Just another way that we can help each other.

So, my apologies for not being QRV this last day in the Berry Islands. Since we have a long overnight trip, I’m going to rest up for the remainder of the day and hopefully be QRV in the Bimini Group (NA-048) later in the week.


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