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It’s Been A Day – as they say! lt Harbour Cay – NA-054

We got back to Lt Harbour Cay this morning and the XYL and I took a walk and established all was well at the camp QTH so I went back and set up the station Here are some pictures…

So after a quick lunch, I was QRV on 17m SSB and I called and I called and eventually someone answered and the mahem began – no, seriously it was fun. But then it was like someone just flipped a switch and Europe disappeared along with most of NA too! :(. So i tuned about and found some RTTY activity and started RTTY and a few nice contacts later, my K3 said the battery voltage was low – already??

Well, it didn’t seem low except under load and then I felt the leads – the fuse holders were warm! Hmm. Not happy! You see things weren’t really going to plan since I’d got up – well, since the middle of the night when I woke up and couldn’t sleep. Then when I set up the station I found the SWR on the 17m vertical dipole (my chosen weapon for the day) was approaching 2:1 😳.  I persevered and PJ4DX confirmed that I had some RF in my audio which normally happens when I have a slightly high SWR on 17m. Either that or something in the K3 got dislodged when the stand collapsed when I was setting up.

Anyway, having hot power leads brought me to a grinding halt so it was back to the boat to check things over. No problems found with the leads?? Zero resistance, no corrosion on the fuses – all bright and shiny. #confused.  

Anyway, I recharged the battery and reminded myself that I needed to top up the hydraulic fluid in the steering of the boat. As I finished that, I manged to tip 1/2 litre of hydraulic fluid onto the deck when I carelessly knocked over the bottle.

Having cleared all that mess up, my wife reminded me that we had guests tomorrow and she needed to get food from the freezer at which time she told me that the freezer had defrosted itself! Oh dear. Miles from anywhere and the prospect of lots of rapidly decomposing food concentrates the mind! I checked everything out and diagnosed the compressor controller had met a premature end – this is the very same controller that produces so much QRN all over the bands if the boats are too close to the QTH. Happily, I had rescued a 15 year old compressor from the dump in Georgetown, NA-001 and I took the controller off it and it worked! Hallelujah – we will have food to eat in the coming weeks!

I still need to get to the bottom of the power leads issue, but I have declared the working day over and resorted to medicinal doses of red wine – hoping tomorrow will be a much better day 😄. 

Oh, did I mention, just a tad more solar flux would be nice, please?


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