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Berry Islands NA-054 – QRX Europe? 😥

I love it here in the Berrys. It’s quiet, remote, and there is no QRM. Last year when I was here, I saw 4 other boats in a week or so. 

Little Harbour Cay Sunset

Yesterday, we sailed from Nassau to Bonds Cay where we anchored overnight to wait for the tide so we could get to my target QTH of Little Harbour Cay. This morning we weighed the anchor and proceeded to Little Harbour Cay and anchored in a fairly large bay at the North end of the island – just opposite the dock where I land with my radio stuff.

Perfect. Just one boat, my friend Michael and his partner. So there would be little or no interference from fridges and freezers. We both have marine SSBs on board so we have done what we can to suppress our fridge and freezer compressors (see my post from last year on the Danfoss Compressor). These compressors put out some terrible QRM, particularly on 17m.

You can well imagine my distress when another 4 boats descended on the anchorage and anchored right next to us, nut more importantly, very close to my operating point on the dock. A quick listen on 17m and 10m suggested that this would be a problem so the long and the short of it is that we decided to move. 

We’re now at Hoffmans Cay a few miles north of Lt. Harbour Cay. The problem here is that the takeoff isn’t good for Europe – it’s great for the Pacific and NA but there is some high ground (20m) between me and Europe. I will give it a go tomorrow morning (Friday) and see how it is but its not ideal with a vertical dipole. If it doesn’t work out, I will have to move the station and antennas between here and Goulding Cay, which has a much better takeoff for Europe, each day and that will be tedious and take time. 😁

I’m hoping that our interlopers will “push off” and I can return to Lt. Harbour Cay on Monday when the weather will let them continue ear journey. Maybe it will be earlier – I hope so!

In the mean time – 73 and here’s hoping 10m will be going strong tomorrow!



  1. David Runyard says:

    Thanks for your effort in working Cyprus. New IOTA for me
    David 5B4AJT

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