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Fish Cay – NA-113

I was QRV from Fish Cay today on 15m. What a beautiful place!


I had a sked with Gordon, G3USR, and managed to work some Russian stations who needed NA–113 as well.

To be honest it was a difficult day. The band was very sporadic with some patchy openings but I made the best of it. I wasn’t helped by my vertical dipole having an

SWR of 1.7:1 up from its usual 1.1:1 😩. I suspect also helped distort my audio later in the session as the battery ran down. Must fiddle with it and see what’s wrong.

Anyway, here are the picture of the working conditions – K3, vertical dipole, 100W from a 35Ah battery. Oh, and the obligatory GPS coordinates to prove I was there 😃




So that’s NA-113 for another year! I had a blast even though the weather held us hostage for over 1/2 our stay!


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