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QRV Jamaica Cay NA-113

So, a quick update. Firstly, the skull issue. It seems, according to the local police that the skull and other bones are from a grave. It was/is the custom hereabouts to have graveyards on islands separate from the main island and this may be the case here. Also, the prevailing wind is from the east and it it the eastern shore of the Cay that has eroded, revealing the skeleton. So, no CSI – happily.

So, having put that matter to bed, so to speak, it was time for a little radio. 10m and 350 QSOs in just over 2 hours including VK, JA, H44, VP8 and quite a few others…

Working conditions were K3, barefoot from a 35Ah battery into a vertical dipole with its feet in the water. Apparently I was 5/9 in Japan but propagation (or my antenna) was such that there were only a few very brief opportunities to work JA. That said, VOACAP said I had no chance for working JA but a good chance of working VK which is what I was hoping for since there are a few stations there that really wanted a QSO. Strange the way that works!

Here’s a few pictures of the station as I was setting up – well, I did a video of it too but it seems the iPad app doesn’t allow me to upload it 😭




Here’s a link to the location on Google Maps. Dropped pin –
I really enjoyed this session with some interesting stations and a really well-behaved pileup. Thank you everyone – I got really sunburned and dehydrated since I forgot my hat! Nevertheless, I hope to be back on 10m in the morning to work Europe from about 1300 UTC.


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