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CSI – Jamaica Cay

So, if you’ve been following along you’ll know that we’ve been in Acklins Island for nearly a week and, to be honest, I’ve not achieved a lot. You’ll also know that the last 3 or 4 days have been net sheltering from the weather.

That’s the challenging thing about activating islands when you are on your own boat. You are firstly the captain and responsible for your own safety as well as those who are with you. It would also be nice to be able to sleep well and use the boat year after year, so keeping it safe is first and foremost. Amateur Radio comes a distant 3rd or 4th after keeping the XYL happy and other trivia like making sure we have food to eat and complying with local and national administration requirements.

So, if you have google maps or a marine chart to hand, we’ve been to Spring Point, Snug Corner and finally, Jamaica Cay to hide from the
latest round of wind, this time from the east, forecast for 25kt. The forecast was almost right, in fact, it exceeded 30kt at one time.

Now those of you who know the sea will also know that wind acts on water more than just to create waves. The friction actually drives the water downwind. And so it was here too. The Bight of Acklins, where we are, FL22wi, is shallow, very shallow being only up to 5m deep over a vast area.


So when the wind blows from the east as it has been, the water begins to empty out. We were lucky – over the 2 days of bad easterlies, we only lost 30cm of water but I have a friend that spent 4 days sitting on the bottom at low time since the water left and didn’t come back!

Anyway, things have moderated now so we could actually lower the dinghy safely so it was time to explore Jamaica Cay. We went with our friends Bruce and Val who are accompanying us on this trip. We walked round the island looking for places that might be suitable to plant an antenna and do some IOTA tomorrow. So we find this….

Yes, it is (or at least seems to be) a human skull. With a hole in it, that seems to have been caused by an impact. There are a few other bones around too! Some leg bones and what looks like part of a pelvis. The police have been called so we will see what happens tomorrow.

To be honest, with the history of the Bahamas, we understand this isn’t that uncommon. We speak to a lot of people, here in the Family Islands. The history is fascinating, the modern history I mean…. There is another Jamaica Cay about 100 mile east of here – it has 2 abandoned tanker lorries on the island – it was a refuelling station for high speed drug smuggling boats I the past.

Maybe catch you on the air this week – band conditions permitting.



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