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QRV NA-113 Acklins Island

We crossed from Hog Cay at the bottom of the Ragged Islands and have worked our way up to Spring Point (FL32ak).


Here is a view of the QTH at the community Regatta site (held each August) from the sea. You can just see my 15m vertical set up on the beach. There’s been quite a lot of development here since last year and there now seems to be power at the site. It would be quite a good QTH for a larger expedition since there are some new shelters and even toilets. The beach access with great takeoff from South through North to East over the water makes it a very good site for verticals and VDAs.

I erected my 17m vertical to start with. I last used it a month ago but when I tested it with the analyser the SWR was very high – I suspect the plug has gone bad – so I had to take it all down again and put the 15m vertical up in its place.

Nevertheless, despite pretty poor band conditions, I managed to log 238 QSOs in less than the 2 hours the battery lasted. Some good openings to Europe on and off during the period too, with 8P and PJ4 stations supplementing the U.S. Stations. (Some YY calls with terrible audio too). It all made for an interesting session.

I made it back to the boat leaving the antenna up overnight and we had a great sunset.


Logs uploaded – more on Wednesday I hope although we have to go and visit the island administrator to get our immigration status extended – it’s hard to believe we’ve been here 3 months already!

There’s some rough weather coming on Thursday and it doesn’t let up till Monday so I might miss most of the weekend as we will be moving around to find shelter for the boat in the 30+ knot winds that are forecast and I can’t imagine keeping my 12m Spiderpole up in that!

Anyway, 73 from Acklins and hope to catch you on the air…


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