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NA-048 Activation Approved

I was pleased to have confirmation this evening that the recent activation of NA-048 has been approved by the IOTA Manager, Roger, G3KMA. QSL cards are being printed and Buzz, NI5DX will be distributing them as soon as they arrive.

Buzz has recently been ill and has a significant backlog of QSLs but knowing Buzz, he will clear it as quickly as he is able.

Thank you to those who used OQRS, it really helps streamline the process and get the cards out quicker. Thank you also to those who made donations! That was most unexpected – I hope you won’t be offended if I forward them to a charity.


Here’s a picture of the QTH at Bimini Sands resort on South Bimini. The place was deserted since its low season. Unfortunately there was no decent shade close to the beach so I had to compromise between optimal antenna position and decent operating conditions. This position worked out well and I was able to work some VK and JA as well as western USA. Takeoff towards Europe was also compromised by the westerly aspect but even so, the vast majority of contacts were with Europe and Western Asia on short path.

Equipment: K3/100, barefoot, vertical dipole on a 12m Spiderpole. Tascam audio interface and N1MM+ with MMTTY. 35Ah battery.

Thanks for all the QSOs – it was fun!


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