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Today should be the last day on South Bimini island. The weather has finally changed and will allow a departure late tonight or tomorrow morning. Unfortunately the SFI is falling but I am still hopeful for a few hours on 10m this morning preceded by a few skeds.

The conditions over the last few days have been excellent with good openings to Europe and even deep into Eastern Europe after their sunset. Of course, the ‘euro-wall’ effect has been there but working a wide split has allowed more productivity and kept the DQRMers at bay! It also allowed me to deal with the Dutch station that managed to get his rig stuck on transmit repeating his callsign at infinitum and the U.S. Station that managed to use the listening frequency to call CQ! 😱

A wide split does not allow the operator to quickly recover from the shock of a gecko biting his big toe mid-pileup! Happily no blood but it definitely caused a pregnant pause!

I have a simple set up here. K3, a 10m vertical dipole and and lead-acid battery in a Tesco bag!



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