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Thank You

So you’ll have got the idea I was pretty pissed off yesterday by the antics of ‘LA-LA’. 😁 (even more so when he attempted to say that english wasn’t his mother tongue but no one could have been offended by such constructive comments) 😳

Happily, I had a bunch of emails that were a lot more encouraging, to say the least! So I set up a bunch of skeds for later in the day and went for a walk with my XYL.

Later, I was tuning about and discovered M0VKC on 12m RTTY. Tempting but I only had my 17m vertical – and by the way, this winter’s challenge is to use only monoband antennas – I don’t have a tuner with me. (By the way #2 is that I only have one spiderpole). So I changed frequency and reduced power to 40w – only 3-1 SWR and no complaints from the K3. Back to M0VKC and a quick QSO ensued! (Shortly followed by an email thanking me for a new one on NA-048).

Back to 17m and I had 2 skeds with UK stations in difficult conditions as the band was closing for them and then a nice run of NA interspersed with some European stations and much to my surprise a VK – long path all the way from Sydney – and louder than the UK stations and many US stations! Well done Nick, VK2DX! Hope you didn’t miss the bus to work!

So thanks for a nice end to the day guys and all your encouraging messages! I’m only slightly sorry that I had to quit at 5pm since our neighbour invited us to a (terminal) rum tasting session… Well – I did say ‘vacation-style’ 😀

73 – till tomorrow!IMG_0637.JPG


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