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Fan Mail…

I posted this update to the IOTA Chasers group:

“Hi guys,
Hopefully I’ll be QRV again today. I spent several periods on Saturday and Sunday calling CQ on 10m without generating many QSOs so I took the time to do vacation stuff and some antenna work.

When the rain goes off, I’ll be QRV on either 10 or 17m today. I’ll try to send an email to this group before I go.”

I was somewhat surprised to receive this response in the same group.

“CQ WW on CW was last weekend, so It would have been smart to stay on the so called WARC-bands.
The high bands close at abt 17 UTC here. Have you ever tried 30 m ? It is a most reliable band here.

73 Rag la5he”

Well thanks buddy! Few people wouldn’t have noticed the contest – but wait, I don’t do CW so why would that affect me? Oh, maybe it was because the CW contesters like to use the RTTY portion of the bands 😁

Anyway, apparently I’m not very smart since I didn’t use the WARC bands. Well that may be but why would a CW contest affect me doing SSB on 10m? Why wouldn’t I be just fine when propagation was so good? I don’t really know so I took the time over the last few days to check my antennas and to build a new one.

However, I’ve taken a step back from all that in the light of my “fan” mail and am examining why I am bothering to get all my gear out of the bottom of the boat, drag it 1/2 a mile to a less-than-ideal QTH and sit there in the heat and sand flies.

I mean – really, I doubt I’d get the same amount of abuse if I just sat and drank beer. So I have written to my QSL manager and asked him to put a hold on printing QSL cards for the time being.

So for now, I’m QRT. And for the avoidance of any doubt, it’s not all about propagation to LA-LA land and neither is it all about 30m or CW – a bit of research on Clublog by a not-very-smart ham established that a long time ago.




  1. M0VKC - Nige says:

    John many tnx for the contact this afternoon on 12m rtty..Na-048 is a new one for me so made my day!..have fun and stay safe.

    73 Nige, M0VKC

    • admin says:

      Cheers Nige! I had a bunch more nice QSOs with people today and an equal number of folk emailing me before and afterwards! Such a refreshing change from the moaners of DXCC and more recently IOTA Chasers.

      Good to know there are real enthusiasts out there rather than the destructive know-it-alls!

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