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Listen! Don’t Copy…

I was looking up the activity from 9H during the IOTA contest and decided to take a trip to my page on An interesting and very useful tool that they provide is that they automatically provide a listing of ‘Related Callsigns’.  To be honest, I was a bit taken aback when I saw all the different callsigns that I had been ‘spotted’ with during my trip to C6 last winter.

My callsign (assigned by the Bahamian Authorities) was 9H5G/C6A and believe me, many stations tried to tell me I was doing it wrong – however, its their country and they grant the license so I do what they ask!

Looking at my related callsigns on DXHeat, it seems that there are several folks that copied the call incorrectly since it seems I was spotted with all the following

The astonishing thing about this is the comments on the mistakes – including 5/9 ‘easy’! Whoops – no QSL – at least not by electronic means.  Its a shame, these are only the spots, goodness knows how many people copied these spots into their logs from the cluster.

I take my hat off to Gary, WB6PSY who tried to help everyone by spotting me with the comment “STOP the wrong spots – listen”.  Good Man, Good Op, Great Message.

73 till the next time!


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