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Summer Activities

I got back from C6 in early May and put the boat ‘to bed’ for the summer. So we’re back in Gozo and the bands have been, in the words of Charlie, M0PZT, ‘meh’ so I’ve not been QRV much.

But I’ve not been idle. I have built a new K3 kit and done some testing. What a delight! The filtering is to die for in comparison to the TS-480. In fact, there are so many great features that getting the most out of the rig will take quite some time. I’m grateful to everyone who has helped with getting me ‘going’. I’ve made the majority of the leads and am now QRV on SSB, RTTY, PSK and even JT modes.

CW has raised its head again in my agenda to become a ‘proper’ amateur operator. Here in 9H-land, we still have to do a test. Yes, it’s only 5 WPM but I do find it challenging. Of course, the real challenge is the discipline in making the time to practice! The test will be held in July so I really need to get my head down!


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