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I used to have a link from my page to this blog as this blog is easily updated on low-bandwidth connections from my iPad. This allows me to use whatever bandwidth might be available to me wherever I might be.

As many of you will know, I travel quite a lot and consequently this facility is important to me. Someone at QRZ?com deleted almost all the content from my page without notice. I only discovered this today. So I apologize to those who used to use the Clublog lookup and the like.

It will take me a little while to get Clublog lookups onto this blog – give me a couple of days and I hope it will be done.

I have to say, I am astonished by the behavior of whoever owns and operates QRZ. It seems that a very crude software too has been used to trawl the site and delete, in my case, any page that includes links outside of QRZ – smacks of commercial interest to me rather than community interest.

I, for one, will be seeking to level the playing field in the future and encouraging software providers to support other amateur radio directories. I would urge you to consider doing the same.



  1. Keith, G6NHU says:

    Pretty much all the qrz pages I look after have external links and they’ve never been touched. Perhaps an email to the qrz editorial staff would be a good idea to try and find out what’s happened because this is the first I’ve heard of them routinely deleting links to external sites.
    73 Keith.

    • admin says:

      Good call Feek! I did contact them and received this reply. “Your QRZ page has been restored from a backup copy. Our server recently had a database upgrade and a few bios were not copied properly. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that everything is OK now. ”

      Unfortunately, nothing has changed! I’ll keep you updated to see if they can pull the information back. To be honest, I find it remarkable that this “copying” failed at the beginning of the URL to the blog! 73

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