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Ryanair QRO “Small Bag”

Close reading by the XYL of the Ryanair regulations unearthed the fact that you are allowed a small bag not exceeding 35 x 20 x 20 cm in addition to cabin baggage and checked baggage.

It was even better news that it has no weight limit!

Even better news is that my TS-480HX transceiver, control head and power lead and maybe a small dipole can travel for free on Ryanair. Whoop!

Sorry for my exuberance but really, when did you last hear of anyone getting anything for free on Ryanair, let alone a QRO DX rig!

It would be interesting to see how many other rigs can be squeezed into this space – comments welcome!

Have a great IOTA summer with free radio “baggage” 🙂


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