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9H5G/C6A videos

A couple of people were kind enough to make videos (unbeknown to me) of some of the pileups when I was in the Bahamas this year so I thought I should share them here.

This is partially for your entertainment and partially as a record of some of what went on. Most importantly for me, it’s a record of how difficult it was to operate sometimes and hopefully a benchmark from which to measure any improvement in operator skills in time to come…

Working 2E0IJK.

Feb 15, 2014 – Uploaded by 2e0ijk

Having a bit of a meltdown since there was a continual wall of noise from Europe.

Hopefully I’ll be forgiven… please?

A heavy QSB day.

There are a few others that were posted to Facebook and I can’t show them here but thanks to everyone who took the time to record and to share!



1 Comment

  1. 2e0ijk says:

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the good work
    73’s Dave 2e0ijk

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