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DX Karma – The Partial Call

I made a lot of mistakes during my time in C6 land. A few CQs would almost always result in a pileup which were almost always good-natured and fun.

They were not always easy to run – in fact, sometimes they were extremely challenging!

One of the major factors in hearing the stations calling was the ‘persistent partial caller’. You know the one! “Charleeee Eeendeeeaaahh, Charleeee Eeendeeeaaahh”. Often with a strong signal they had no need to call with a partial – in fact, it probably harmed their case. As you know, when the ‘wall’ of sound hits, you can often discern a call from the tail end, something the partial call, because of its brevity, cannot deliver.

Then there was my determination to stick to the DX Code of Conduct by not answering the partial caller, or at least making him wait – usually for as log as I could stand 😉

Sometimes the signal strength of the partial caller made it impossible to ignore him and he was blocking the people who were patient enough to wait and call in turn. But often this is where the partial caller would fall down! In his impatience to log the QSO and move on, they would often fail to give their full call – or they were stepped on by someone equally impatient and would have left the frequency with me wasting more time (and battery power) trying to get a loggable call. So he might have my call in his log – but he isn’t in mine.

There were more of these events than you might imagine – I think they fall into the category of ‘DX Karma’.


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