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DQRM and Other Unethical Behaviours

In a recent tweet, @DXCoffee asked “Is QRM and unethical behaviour murdering our hobby?”.

They also asked for responses and so here is mine. The deliberate QRMer will only succeed if you let him. Too often we make it too easy for them – I discovered this recently on my trip in C6.

Typically, I would have a busy pileup going on and the DQRM would start. Sometimes it was whistling, sometimes, tuning for minutes on end, sometimes even CW. I found 2 techniques worked very well against these tactics.

The DQRMer is vain and wants to know he has succeeded in disrupting your op so it’s important to stand your ground. His vanity requires him to listen to see if he is being successful so if you wait until he stops transmitting, give yourself a break, send him a signal report along the lines of “the deliberate QRMer – you’ll have to do a lot better than that if you’re going to affect us”. I used this technique 3 times in the last month and the QRM stopped immediately.

The other technique that is very effective is to widen your split so you’re listening, for example, 5-15 up. The DQRMers laziness is what works for you here. He’s way too lazy to try to follow you around and so he stops and looks around for an easier target.

Let’s face it, the school bully has been around for centuries but it’s only when we allow him to ‘rule’ that he gets any satisfaction. When you take him on, he usually backs down – so let’s not let them bully us around the bands – take them on. After all, we are way smarter than they are….


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