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Sandy Cay NA-001 Anyone?

I moved out of Nassau harbour this morning since it’s not a great place to stay. I went to an island called Rose Island which is much more pleasant.

Now as you know I only have one spiderpole with me and I haven’t found a decent QTH that would allow me to put up a decent lower band antenna – until now….


This is Sandy Cay, just north of Rose Island. As you can see it offers some decent palm trees to support a longer wire antenna or maybe a longer vertical. So anyone for 40, 80, or top band?

Chances are, it will only be tonight and/or tomorrow since we have strong winds forecast on Tuesday.

Give your thoughts on twitter please – in the mean time I’ll go and measure my roll of wire….

Oh, P.S. It’s not an IOTA listed island and I don’t have a 1,000,000 scale map to check but it is over a 1/3 mile long so it could be an ATNO to add to the Iota group too.


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