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NA-054 Update

I had a great day today, with nearly 500 QSOs in the log and some well-behaved pile ups we really got a lot of callers this afternoon. The morning was hard work with both 10 and 12m ‘patchy’.

I ran the batter flat in the morning but it really was hard work. I even worked the Galapagos when I went looking around the bands to see what was going on – the answer was not much!

Anyway, it was great to work so many new and old calls today and almost everyone was very polite which made it all the easier.

All the logs have been uploaded to LOTW and Clublog so I wish you all a good evening and hope your sunset is as pretty as ours!


And for those who don’t do sunsets, here’s a picture of the QTH and a few of this afternoons spots.





  1. Eddie Palmer says:

    Tnx for a new IOTA and enjoy your trip. I still need NA-48 and it is hard to work you from here in So. Fla.

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