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First Day at Little Harbour Cay

What a fun day! I got set up and QRV at about 0830 local when 10m was just warming up and worked Gordon, G3USR before he goes off the the big DX Meeting in Visalia.

Unfortunately the IOTA frequency was QRMed by some noisy radar so I had to go down the band and ended up working Europe (mostly) on simplex and even then had to QSY a bit to get some space.

Here’s a picture of the QTH on Little Harbour Cay


And here’s a picture of my position from Hamsquare so you can see that I am where I say I am. I.e. In the Berry Islands, NA-054


What a great day! In the morning session I got to work some 280 or so QSOs and in the afternoon, the total grew to nearly 500 including ZL, HS and a few other notables such as ON4UN, the author of Low Band DX. I felt honoured!

After, lunch, laundry and battery charging I have to admit I took some time out to work TX6G, and what an excellent demonstration of pileup management it was just listening to them – a truly first-class op! Got them first call on 12m and 5th on 10m. It’s good to know at they are not so focused on numbers that they can enjoy some banter with the callers too!

Anyway, the good news is that the weather is set fair here until at least next Monday so I expect to be on he air between about 0800 EDT and 1600 with breaks for eating and the like. I may take 1/2 a day off later in the week since I saw some nice looking palm trees on the way up here that look like they might take a dipole for 40/15m so well see!

In the mean time, lonely as it is out here on my own, it’s good to be working lots of good DX.

73 de John, 9H5G/C6A



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