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Berry Islands Activation NA-054

The weather is looking good for a departure from Nassau on Saturday March 29th, for the 7 hour crossing to Little Harbour Cay.

I don’t expect to be QRV until sometime on Sunday. Since the satellite mapping of the area is quite poor, I have not been able to decide which QTHs might be the best and consequently, I shall have to just get on my legs and look when I get there! I have a number of potential QTHs lined up depending on the weather. Little Harbour Cay is my first choice based on the weather which is going to be pretty windy for the first few days (25 mph+). However, don’t be surprised if I announce another QTH from time to time. I shall update the island name and grid here where possible.

I will work the best bands according to the prevailing conditions. 10, 17 and 12m are the most likely although if there are suitable support structures available, I may try some lower bands. Modes – SSB, RTTY, PSK.

Working conditions are a TS-480HX, 200w into a vertical dipole waterside.

If you really need this one, drop a comment below or follow me on Twitter (@kk4oyj) and send me a message and I’ll see if we can set up a sked. Make sure you include a list of all your available dates and times and I’ll do my best.

I’ll be active for about 10 days but operating sessions will be limited by battery power and recharging times.

73 de John



  1. martin says:

    Hi John
    I need NA 054 in my collection…
    How long you gonna stay on Island?
    I just be active from my Job so hope we can make a sked for monday mor

  2. Gordon says:

    Hey, John, desperate (for NA-054) of Rutland here, Gordon G3USR, CDXC Treasurer. I have to get you Sunday or Monday … SSB only, any time, any band (10 or 12 preferred) with Condx to UK… for then I am off to California for Visalia etc! I am if you have email. +447771515504 if you could text me when you are in place! If we cannot make it then its not the end of the world. I wish you bon voyage and travel safely! Hope to QSO! 73, Gordon, G3USR

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