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IOTA Submissions

I’ve sent off the reports for my activations of Stocking Island, NA-001 and Acklins Island, NA-113, to Roger, the RSGB IOTA manager. I’m hoping to hear back from him favourably.

Since we are travelling around by boat, I am required to submit details of the activations including supporting photos, gps positions and, if possible pictures of signs that can be used to verify that the operation was from land and in the place I said it was. (It would seem there has been some skulduggery in the past).

There’s plenty of technology these days that allows us to do that. My camera tells me that it encodes the GPS position into the photos, my iPad has Hamsquare on it, a great app for the traveller who needs to confirm his locator code precisely before operating the station.

However, there are also problems with the technology or more exactly how different software writers deal with it. As an example, it thought I would be a simple matter to import my photos from the camera into the iPad and then write my Activation Report. It seems not, the GPS information was stripped from my photos when they were imported.

We sailed for 30 hours to get to Acklins Island and then had a bit of a glitch with the data. With that in mind, I would urge anyone using these tools to provide evidence of operations to test them end-to-end before you go. And then take another method of providing the evidence.

73 de 9H5G/C6A


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