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The weather hasn’t been very kind this week and we’ve been moving around a bit as well a dealing with the freezer failure where we nearly lost all of our frozen supplies.

Nevertheless, I have been taking the time to look at what has been achieved so far.

In just over 2000 QSOs from C6 land, I’ve worked only 95 DXCC of which 50 have been confirmed by LOTW. Some more have been confirmed by card which is really nice. Buzz, NI5DX is doing a fine job.

Then I took al look at There are a bunch of confirmations there but I have to go through every QSO and many of them are duplicates of those already in LOTW. To be very honest this a tedious task so I have come to the conclusion that I will only QSL direct – via Buzz or using LOTW from now on. The bottom line is that I prefer spending my time operating or building antennas and experimenting rather than doing ‘admin’.

The result is a much more streamlined operation where I can upload to LOTW and Clublog and there will be one simple path to checking if you are in the log – Clublog. For operations in C6 land the link is here

I hope to figure out how to put this on as a widget on the sidebar of this blog shortly 🙂

In the mean time 73 and good DX!


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