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Preparing for Berry Islands – NA-054

Preparations are well under way for the activation of the Berry Islands at the end of March and beginning of April.

I have built a new 12m dipole and will also have a 12m vertical dipole available by then as well. Thus I should be able to operate 10m, 12m and 17m with resonant verticals – one band at a time.

It will be only one band at a time since I shall be alone! Sadly no one else was able to make the trip. In order to extend my operating sessions, I am looking into getting more batteries or borrowing a generator that I can have on shore. Currently I can operate for about 2 hours or so before stopping to recharge. A generator would significantly improve matters!

I hope to operate SSB, RTTY and PSK during the period.

One potential QTH has been identified that should allow good takeoff for both Europe and the USA and Asia simultaneously – if it works out, it could significantly reduce the workload of changing QTHs as the band moves west every day. I really hope it turns out well since moving antennas every few hours is very tiresome on your own.

Looking forward to working a whole bunch of new DXCC on this one.

73 de 9H5G/C6A


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