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QRT at Acklins Island


It’s a nasty day at Camel Point, Acklins Island. There’s a cold front stalled over us and that means easterly winds at 22-28 mph and frequent, heavy rain showers. Worse still, it’s going to be the same for the next few days.

Both IOTA and DXCC require land based operations so we shall not be operating from the shelter of the boat. So it’s a day for cleaning, tidying and maybe watching a movie or two and maybe seeing if I have enough wire to make a VDA.

I shall not be popping down to the hardware store for any bits and bobs I need either. It’s over 100 miles away as the crow flies. So I’ll just have to make do with what I have.

It’s possible that the weather will not improve enough for operations to continue before we have to leave later in the week – my apologies to everyone who tried to work the station.

On a brighter note – there’s always next year and also the activations of the Berry Islands group and the Bimini Group later in the spring. By the way, if anyone is interested in coming along on the Berry Island trip, see my earlier blog on that and get in touch.



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