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Acklins Island Activation (NA-113)

We finally got to do our 2nd IOTA group activation of the new year today. We worked 204 stations during about 2 1/2 hours on 10m this morning in good conditions.
I concentrated on Europe since propagation had not been good during previous activations of NA-001 and I wanted to get a lot more European stations in the log. I intended to work North America and west later in the day as the band moved along.


The session was not as long as I would have liked since nature took over. Initially I had planted the antenna in a ground spike at the waters edge. Unfortunately after about 2 hours, the tide rose a bit and undermined my foundation and all it took was a gust of wind and, mid-QSO, the antenna toppled into the water. After re erecting it, and checking the SWR was still low, I continued, but it was only a few minutes until all the stations disappeared and I saw the SWR was up at 3 so I went QRT and took some time to check things over and dry out.

Lesson learned! Secure the antenna against ALL possibilities!

Happily I was able to get on the air later in the afternoon and work as far as JA on RTTY.

So not a bad day on the available 17 Ah of battery power. It was especially nice to work Michael, 9H5DX a good friend and DXer from Malta. Hopefully more tomorrow!

Thanks for all your patience today, it was pretty hard work trying to hear some stations. There was a continuous wall of callers who unfortunately would not stop calling even when we had a QSO running. But thanks to everyone’s patience and persistence we worked a lot of stations – I look forward to working those that could not get through today.

I forgot to say – all logs uploaded today. My apologies to the DL who was somewhat offended by my not offering a card via the bureau but the bureau is slow enough – I won’t get back to Malta for some months yet and the thought of sending the thousands of QSL cards via the bureau is something that I really cannot face (nor can Robin at the 9H bureau either – I’m sure)


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