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Digital Modes

I had intended to run RTTY and PSK while here in the Bahamas but a complete brain *art found me upgrading my computer to 8.1 Windows 8.1 over the Christmas period. The result was completely messed up screen resolution and the inability to recognise or configure my Signalink box.

Well, the screen resolution is still unresolved (note to self – never buy a laptop that relies on a custom video driver from the computer manufacturer – in this case Samsung. Strange how the little sign in the computer store never tells you that!)

Happily, I have now been able to configure the system so that my Signalink box works. (This post makes my sound like a complete numpty – you’d never know I used to write software for a living…) anyway, the upshot of that is that finally I have been able to do some RTTY and PSK so more of that to come.

I got a request to do JT65 but I’m still figuring out how since the JT65HF software thinks my call is incorrect and does not permit the “/”. It’s written for the normal DX prefix which does not apply in the Bahamas (C6). Temporary callsigns in the Bahamas are /C6A. So I need to find some other software that might accommodate the call. Any hints, please let me know!

73 de 9H5G/C6A


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