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More on the Inquisition

You may have watched the video clip above of the Spanish Inquisition sketch by Monty Python – its pretty funny and somewhat ridiculous. And so it was with my inquisition too.

They came to measure my ‘power’ and so they did! Two people were up on the roof under my antenna with their very expensive-looking gadget and the other was in my ‘shack’ with the radio. When they were ready, one called the other on the mobile phone and would then pick up the mic and then whistle into it. In order to produce a calibrated whistle and therefore proper measurement, I’m assuming the whistler had passed some kind of training course – probably in Italy and consisting of sitting at a pavement cafe watching the women go by and whistling at them till he got it consistently right.

After about 20 minutes of this whistling, I was getting a bit frustrated and reminded them that they are meant to transmit a callsign regularly even when testing. <BLANK> was the look that was returned.  ‘You do have a callsign, don’t you?’ – ‘Err, no’.

Its kind of uncool for a national Licensing authority to send inspectors round who are unlicensed and have no callsign – I was not best pleased and suggested they used mine, which they did for the remainder of the period.

(P.S. I’m not making this up)


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