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The Martello Tower Group

Since I was going to spend a while in the UK over the summer, I thought I’d see what life there was… It proved to be an interesting quest.  Google told me that there was a Radio Club in Colchester but a quick scan around with a variety of advanced detection instruments gave every indication that rigor mortis had set in. However, casting my net wider, I came across Lord Davy of Chelmsford who resides in PZT Towers and goes by the nickname of @M0PZT so I decided to stalk him on Twitter and see if there was any life in that locality.

About the same time I discovered G6NHU ‘Feeks’ on Twitter as well. Apparently he was in the ‘Martello Tower Group‘ (@G0PKT) – a closed club and competition group.  Maybe they would be worth following to see what is going on? As it turned out I discovered some of them are pretty secretive and have weird rituals – like running verticals without radials – all in all a bit like a cross between the Mormons and the Masons.

I did discover that a couple of members delight in the ancient British ritual of taking tea and eating bacon sandwiches! Consequently they became instant friends.


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