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The Maltese Inquisition

No-one expects the Maltese Inquisition – Least of all Me (or any other Amateur in Malta)

You’ll remember that I was invited to apply for a Permanent License in Malta a post or 2 ago. Well, I did and sent off the appropriate paperwork.

I got a call one morning shortly afterwards to tell me that the MCA wanted to come and ‘Measure my power’. Well, you can’t say no to the MCA so arrangements were made and so they came – ALL 4 OF THEM – in 2 vans. To measure the power from a 200W radio…

2013-07-25 09.04.42 2013-07-25 09.12.27 2013-07-25 09.04.20The upshot was that my ‘power’ was fine. What was not fine was that my radio didn’t have a CE mark on it. (A CE mark signifies the radio meets the EC regulations for EMC).  The gentleman told me that if I had built it myself there would be no problem but since it was a commercial model it was a problem. So they started taking photographs…

Happily, they left the radio with me and said I could use it as well.

Remarkably, after over a month had elapsed, I had to enquire as to whether they were going to issue a Permanent License as I had still heard nothing. I was told that they were conferring with other departments. In the mean time, I decided to take a look at the regulations. I discovered that I had been correctly informed that if I had built the radio myself, then the regulations would not apply but I also discovered that if I had modified the commercial radio for Amateur Radio purposes, then the regulations did not apply either and consequently the radio was not required to carry a CE mark. Happily I was able o confirm to the MCA that I had made such modifications (by the addition and removal of components) and my license was issued within days.

To the best of my knowledge no other amateur has been inspected when either visiting or applying for a permanent license in Malta.


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