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Ham Radio – how come?

Good question! I suppose it stems from a variety of things really. First, I’m a bit of a geek, I’ve always had computers – from the BBC B through macs of all flavours, Windows PCs and even a Raspberry Pi. I also have a technical background. I was a military test pilot and had all kinds of gadgets to play with and break!

Lately we’ve been sailing a lot and we spend 5 or more months a year away from the traditional infrastructure of WiFi everywhere. However, we still like to have our email – if only to get the weather forecast! Thus I discovered Winmor – a method of getting email through an HF radio (which we had on board) and a simple PC sound card. What’s more its free to use for Ham Licensees! perfect!

In our sailing community, it seemed everyone had a ham radio license and there was plenty of opportunity to sit the exams so I bought the books and sat the exam for an FCC General Class ticket that would allow me to use the HF bands required to do Winlink. I passed and the rest is history!


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